Students Welfare Committee

Students Welfare Committee



The main objective of the Student Welfare Committee is to support and empower students in achieving their full potential, both academically and personally.


-To provide a platform for students to voice their opinions, concerns and suggestions.

-To organize various events and activities that promote physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of students.

-To provide guidance and support to students facing personal or academic difficulties.

-To promote a positive and inclusive campus culture.

-To ensure that the college follows policies and practices that are fair and in the best interest of students.

-To provide financial aid or other forms of assistance to students in need.

-To organize workshops, seminars, and other educational programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of students.

-To collaborate with other college committees and external organizations to provide additional resources and support to students.






Dr Sabarinathan C, HoD – Automobile Engineering


Members (Faculty)


1. Mr Suresh V, Assistant Professor / Civil

2. Mr Alagar S, Assistant Professor / Mech

3. Mr Saravanan R, Assistant Professor / Aero

4. Mr Barathkannan P, Assistant Professor /Auto

5. Mr Karthikeyan M, Assistant Professor / MCT

6. Dr Madhusudhanan R, Assistant Professor / EIE

7. Dr Satheesh Kumar D, Assistant Professor / CSE

8. Mr Karthick S, Assistant Professor / IT

9. Dr Sabitha R, Assistant Professor / ECE

10. Mrs Induja P, Assistant Professor / Chemical


Members (Student)


1. Ashwin P K, MCT

2. Kabilan G, Civil

3. Suriyanaveen M, Mech

4. Mohit sabhareesh G P, Aero

5. Muthumani T, EIE

6. Manikandan S, ECE

7. Sabarishwar V, EEE

8. Sai Raam V, CSE

9. Harish Kumar M, Chem

10. Gowtham T, Auto


Term: Two Years