Principal's Message

Dr J Jaya

"The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence- Rabindranath Tagore"

Principal Hypothesize

I am extremely happy and elated to welcome you to this illustrious Institution. Twenty years is not a small span of time. The contribution of HiCET to the well- being of the society and thereby to the growth and development of our nation is to be appreciated and the pre-eminent position which this college enjoys in the educational scenario in Coimbatore today reflects the dedication and unstinted involvement of the Management and Faculty.

         The faculty are engaged with teaching and personality development of the student community to push the boundaries of human knowledge. For the students, who think out of the box and are excited to go beyond their technical strengths and challenges, our Institution offers an unparalleled experience and interactive programs to excel their hidden talents and skills. 

        This wonderful institution marches towards creating highly qualified Engineers capable of attaining supremacy in every new technology and innovation, with matchless commitment and enthusiasm. Moreover, Self-discipline, which is a non- negotiable factor of our student, inculcates the value of time management and his/her social responsibility. Industry-Academia network has a high level of interaction with the top Corporate Managers and guest Lectures by prominent Professors from other Institutes facilitate a smooth Campus to Corporate transition for the students and enhances their employability quotient. 

        We take pride in bringing out the best in every student through rigorous training and learning process which enhances confidence and provides satisfaction and enjoyment. We have a team of professionals and experts to educate, develop and encourage students. So, I strongly believe that our students, on completion of their tenure in our prestigious Institution, will excel in their chosen field of interest, thereby fulfilling the needs of their parents, society and above all our Country on a global scale. I appeal to the parents to support their ward's education by encouraging them and keep them focused on their goals and continuously evaluate their performance, to the very best of their ability. 

Let me take this opportunity   to welcome you all to our esteemed Institution to unleash your potentials to reach the horizon of success. From this day on, you will cherish every day at our college, you will feel welcome by all of us here and you can feel like home. together we form a strong partnership to ensure that all Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology students receive an exceptional education. I encourage you to participate in all institutional activities and special occasions as well as volunteer in your classroom as your schedule allows. I look forward   to working with all of you and pushing you to all academic heights.