Instructions to the Candidates


*Application should be complete in every respect. Failure to furnish correct details may cause

   delay in the issue of the certificate.

* Fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted for any other certificate under any


* Duplicate Certificate is to be surrendered to the University immediately if the Original

   Certificate is recovered later.

* Duplicate Provisional Certificate will not be issued after receiving Degree Certificate.

* Correction / Damaged certificates are to be submitted to the office of COE along with the

   application. Processing will be done only after receiving the certificates.

* If any irrelevant file(s) is enclosed with the application, the application will not be considered

   for processing.


Procedure for obtaining transcripts (Required for Higher studies in foreign Universities)


1. The Candidate should submit a transcript request letter duly signed by the Head of the Department and the principal in Person / Person authorized by the Candidate (along with authorization letter and photocopy of the Government authorized proof of Identity of Person authorized) at the Office of the Controller of Examinations.


2. The Person who is submitting the Application form for Transcripts should come and collect the Transcripts, if not able to come and collect the Transcripts, an Authorized Person (Along with the Authorization Letter to collect the Transcript along with a photocopy of the Government authorized Proof of Identity of Person collecting Transcripts) can collect the Transcript at the Office of the Controller of Examinations.


3. The Candidate should have identified the Universities/Institutions for which the Transcripts are required. The names and addresses of the Universities/Institutions should be written on the official envelope (legal size cloth lined cover) for transcripts which will be supplied at the time of submitting the Application form.


4. The prescribed fees has to be paid in cash at the cash counter in the college office.


5. The Candidates will be issued the required number of Transcripts with grades of all the completed semesters printed on a single sheet duly signed by the Controller of Examinations.


Procedure for obtaining duplicate consolidated grade / semester grade sheet /corrections in grade sheets


1. Duplicate certificate will be issued only when the grade is lost or damaged or destroyed.


2. Correction in the mark sheet or name change will be done only when proof is enclosed.


3. Application should be made only by the candidate in the prescribed format and should be submitted to the Controller of Examinations. Request received on behalf of the candidate will not be accepted.


4. The following documents should be enclosed along with application:

     In case of Duplicate grade sheet

     a. Copy of FIR from competent authority

     b. An affidavit duly executed before the Notary Public detailing the circumstances under

        which the original certificate was lost or destroyed.

     c. Copy of Aadhaar card

     d. Copy of lost Grade sheet/Consolidate Grade sheet.


In case of Name Change/correction of Name & Date of Birth


a. Order for name change (Gazette copy for name change)


b. Proof for original name & date of birth (SSLC /+2 Mark sheet)


c. All original mark sheets to be corrected should be enclosed (Please tick) I II III IV V VI VII VIII



Fee Details

For Transcripts

--Rs. 1000/- per one copy


For Duplicate Grade Sheet / Name change /any correction

--Rs.500/- per Grade sheet (for on roll & Graduated Students)


For Consolidated Grade sheet

--Correction / Damage - Rs.500/


For Consolidated Grade sheet

--Duplicate Certificates Rs.1200/


Duplicate Hall Ticket

--Rs 100/- per hall ticket


*Fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted for any other certificate under any



Documents required for CGPA TO % Conversion Certificate:


--Photocopy of Consolidated Grade Statement

--Photocopy of ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Driving License / Voter ID Card

--Photocopy of Degree Certificate or Provisional Certificate

--Photocopy of each semester Statement of Grade for current students