Dean Message



Welcome to our Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore


As dean, I have the privilege of welcoming you all to our institution, a place where Fundamental subject knowledge, curiosity, compassion, Emotional intelligence and intellect combine to create breakthroughs that help us live better lives.


As one of the premier Institutions in our region, we provide a vibrant learning culture and leadership opportunities for our students. Programs, seminars, workshops and clubs help prepare industry-ready graduates.  In short, we educate and produce some of the finest engineers to help the up-gradation of society.


A large part of our success comes from our highly motivated and qualified faculty - they addresses the increased demand for engineering graduates by developing personalized educational programs that use traditional and virtual learning environments.


Personally, I am thankful to the Management, leaders, and students,  who make up the Hindusthan  College of Engineering and Technology. Iam honoured to be part of a team of people who aren’t just about making something happen but making something better.


Dr Magudeswaran P N