About Office of COE

About Office of COE

The office of the Controller of Examinations (OCoE) was established in the 2016-2017 academic year. The Exam Cell and office of Controller of Examinations is an all in one setup. This office is responsible for the following activities of which some are unique to autonomous and some are common to autonomous and affiliated systems in vogue.


We adopt and implement Outcome Based Education (OBE) with an emphasis on developing a modern education system, as well as the Continuous Assessment Tests and End Semester Examinations of various programmes, administered according to the academic timetable. For End Semester Examination theory courses, a central valuation mechanism is employed, and dummy numbers are used before valuate to the exam papers. All exam-related tasks are composed by office of CoE.


OCoE has all the facilities such as computer facilities, printers, strong room and adequate staff members to conduct the examinations, centralized external valuation and publish the results. It is proposed that the results are to be published within three weeks from the last examination of each semester.


The OCoE is responsible

1. For organizing and conducting Continuous Internal Assessment Tests and End Semester Examinations (ESE) - theory and Practical for all academic, under graduate post graduate and research programmes offered by the College.

2. For the announcement of Examination Schedule, preparation of Question Papers, Conduct of Examinations, Evaluation of Answer Scripts, Result Processing  and declaration of Results, Issuing of Grade sheets and sending recommendations for the award of degrees to Anna University.

3. For addressing grievances of administration, faculty, staff and students on examination related issues.

4. For an effective planning and execution of all developmental activities of this office.


The Function of the Office of CoE

1. Collecting student bio data and creating a nominal roll by mapping courses, professional electives, and open electives for the current semester.

2. Preparations of exam schedule, hall allocations, and seating arrangements for Continuous Internal Assessments (CIA).

3. Collecting question papers from departments, printing, and disseminating them for the CIA test.

4. After the examination, the answer books are distributed to the appropriate department, and facilitate the entry of each and every CIA and assignment marks then and there in the examination management software through their personal internal log in.

5. The final internal marks are auto generated, the hardcopies will always be verified by the respective course handling faculty members before each end semester examinations for all and theory and practical courses.

6. Attendance proforma is collected from all departments and the eligible students list for the end semester examinations will be prepared after releasing the debarred and discontinued circular with the approval of Principal.

7. To collect the schedule of practical examinations from all departments and external examiners are appointed for practical examinations based on their experience by the OCoE.

8. The CoE office is an in-charge of ensuring the smooth conduct of ESE examinations for all theory courses, including the preparation of timetables, invigilation duties, hall plans and seat allotment

9. Results of all regular and arrear examinations will be published after meeting of the Result Passing Board with AU nominee.

10. Any Guidelines, Circulars, Orders, or Notifications received by the College from DOTE/AU/ are processed in the CoE office, and a response is prepared after the signature of the CoE/Principal and dispatched to the University.


The other responsibilities of the office of CoE are:

1. Issue of Hall Tickets, Duplicate Hall Tickets, Grade Sheets, Duplicate Grade Sheets, and Conducting revaluation and issuing photocopies of answer scripts to students as requested.

2. The results of the revaluation and the review process will be publicized.

3. If there are any malpractices, the Malpractice Enquiry Committee holds an enquiry during the semester.

4. Transcripts, CGPA to percentage conversion, Medium of Instruction, and a genuine certificate are all available upon request from students.

5. Graduation day is held, and a degree certificate and a provisional certificate are issued.

6. Assisting in student certificate verification.


Powers and responsibilities of the Controller of Examinations:

The Controller of Examinations shall be the Principal Officer in charge of all Comprehensive semester examinations, tests, and results declaration. He/she will carry out his/her duties under the direct supervision, direction, and guidance of the Principal and CEO. In the absence of COE by virtue of any reason anyone from ACoE(s) recommended by COE will oversee CoE's work in addition to his own.


Staffs OF Office of Controller of Examinations

The OCoE is headed by a Controller of Examinations assisted by Assistant Controller of Examinations, Administration Assistants, and Supporting Staff member.






Dr S Deepa Shri

M.E., Ph. D

Prof. & Controller of Examinations


Dr P Geetha

M.E., Ph. D

Associate Prof & Deputy Controller of Examinations


Ms N Yamuna


Assistant Prof. & Assistant Controller of Examinations


Mr A Khaja Najumudeen


Assistant Prof. & Assistant Controller of Examinations


Mr D Arunkumar


Junior Assistant Controller of Examinations


Ms R Chandrapraba

B.Com (CA)

Admin  Assistant


Mr N Arun Kumar


Admin Assistant


Ms C Kavery

B.Com (PA)

Admin Assistant


Ms  M.Sumathi


Admin  Assistant


Ms S Chitra


Supporting Staff


Contact Us:

Dr S Deepa Shri / CoE

Email        : coe@hicet.ac.in

Phone No: 0422-4242424, 7708965678 Ext. - 344

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