Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement Activities

Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) Coimbatore  is dedicated in planning activities that build students' capacity and develop their skills so they are equipped to meet the challenges of rapid competitive and globalized world. Students gain a number of qualities such as knowledge (academic program), communication skills (enrichment camp in English), time management, public discourse (articulation and idea fixing classes),quality of leadership and discipline .Thus, the goals and objectives of the institution have been motivating factors for the self-development and empowerment of students with skills in all facets. As such, students possessing the above qualities could be good citizens in the country which enhance the quality of life of society.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are non-technical skills that are relevant to your way of working. The Institution offers exclusive training to upgrade the Soft skills of students to excel during the recruitment process. Students are given training to hone and develop skills such as Problem solving, Teamwork and Communication. An additional non-technical skill includes Emotional intelligence, Positive attitude and Inter and Intrapersonal Skills.


During the course, Qualities of soft skills like time management, networking, conflict resolution and teamwork are taught. These individualities Enhances the personality of students which can illustrated through the interview process. Courses are available for a variety of soft skills, including:


- Personality Development

- Interview Techniques

- Body Language

- Self Confidence

- Emotional Intelligence


Language and Communication Skills

In the words of James Humes, "The art of communicating is the language of leadership". True to his words, Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology have put more emphasis on communication. The basic concepts of linguistic skills such as Active Listening, Speaking skills, Reading skills, Writing Skills and competent learning are fully taught to the students.


The very competent and experienced faculty shares those qualities to students in order to improve their employability. Communicative English is important as it can help students see value in their studies, in a significant manner. The training and placement unit strengthens student’s communication skills by providing courses such as Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Enhancing English skills.


The reasons for learning a new language are varied, but the importance of learning foreign languages are universal. It will always benefit the students for their future endeavors. Business English Certificate (BEC) B1 Preliminary issued by the Cambridge University Press and Assessment is the major contributor towards these schemes. It gives a good foundation for a professional English qualification. It provides the English Communicating skills for real-world communication and success.

Life Skills


Every moment, sometimes without even thinking about it, you rely on things you have learned that help you manage your daily life and that have an impact on your physical and emotional health – these are called life skills. It encourages the students to do exercises to develop positive mindset and also to maintain their physical health, which is very important.


It was a great experience to learn about the importance of mental and physical health, social Interaction and physical fitness in life. In addition to technical skills, Students professional and interpersonal skills are developed by conducting activities such as,

- Hygiene

- Healthy diet

- Mental Health

- Physical Health

- Physical fitness

- Yoga


Above life skills are explained with real time examples to consider alternative perspectives and respond to changing circumstances, to keep information in one’s mind so it can be used, and to resist automatic and impulsive behavior so one can engage in goal-directed reasoning and problem solving.