About the Trust

“Achievement requires character...discipline ...united action and the readiness to sacrifice the individual self for larger cause.”

- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

From humble beginnings to flattering triple figures- that has been the phenomenal growth of Hindusthan Educational and Charitable Trust, one of the finest in education and teaching is strategically placed in the heart of the city, and since 1992 has established itself firmly in the fields of Arts, Science, Education and Technical Education. The Trust provides ample opportunities to the young minds to develop and unfold their innate capacities in education that is world-class and on par with global standards. The Trust firmly believes in education from Pre-KG to Ph.D and is true to its motto – ‘Get the best in everything’. The Management has always stood by its commitment to the betterment of the student community and had at first established itself as a brand in the ‘power sector’, and today in the field of Education has reigned supreme with the ‘Life Time Education Achievement Award’ for giving back to society. Real knowledge,like everything else of value,is not to be obtained easily .It must be worked for,studied for and more than that thought for and prayed .The Trust aims at inculcating this understanding in the youth. The Management aims in leading and has set new trends/ innovative training methodologies in all its Institutions that will assist students towards the road to success.

Shri.T.S.R. Khannaiyann

“Arise awake and stop not till the goal is achieved.”

- Swami Vivekananda

Shri.T.S.R. Khannaiyann occupies a prime place in the chronicle of Hindusthan Educational and Charitable Trust. The year 1992, witnessed the starting of Hindusthan Educational and Charitable Trust entrusted to serve the youth and humanity and this vision is being fulfilled through the Hindusthan Educational Institutions. He carved out a niche for himself by his rare qualities and skills that earned him the “Best Entrepreneur” award. His outstanding calibre has rewarded him with the “Kongu Rathna” Award. In 2010, “The Life Time Education Achievement Award” was conferred on him for the service to the student community. Being a person of great resilience he swam through the labyrinthine of various procedures and translated his visions into reality in a short span.

Smt.T.R.K. Sarasuwathi

“Education to be complete must be humane. It must include not only the training of intellect but also the discipline of the spirit.”

- Dr.Radhakrishnan

Smt.T.R.K. Sarasuwathi Khannaiyann laid the foundation not only for knowledge but for the building of character, honesty, hardwork and excellence in young students. Her strong, caring hands fashioned and rejuvinated what has grown into a monolith in the cause of education. Her multi skill personality, with administrative power has made her an icon among women in managing educational affairs. Her sterling qualities of leadership and innovation rests on the brave optimism that all ends well that begins well and this paved way to receive the ‘Best Women Entrepreneur’ of Coimbatore in 2006. ‘Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani’ award and ‘Bharat Gavrar and Sadbhavana’ award in 2010 was bestowed on her for her distinguished service to the nation.

Mr. K. Sakthivel

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

- Benjamin Franklin

Mr. K. Sakthivel Efficiency at any task, great or small, made him unique. He is indeed a pole star and nurtured the growth of the Trust in all dimensions. He graduated as an Engineer but turned an outstanding young administrator. He has created a revolution in Youth education. His contribution by motivating the youth to participate and his play is phenomenal and adds to the success of Hindusthan Educational Institutions.

Dr.K. Priya

“To succeed in your mission, you must have single- minded devotion to your goal”

- A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Dr.K. Priya SatishPrabhu as Excecutive Trustee and Secretary gives momentum and infuses spirit into the administration that none would allow a slack memory to tamper with "Master of all and Jack of none" would best describe one who administered with perfection. Hindusthan Educational Institutionssaw many landmark achievements both by way of academic growth and infrastructural expansion. Amarvel she is of organisational skills, Inspiring and motivating and her effort in empowering and employing the youth should be highly appreciated.