Research Ethics Committee

Research Ethics Committee



1. To review Ethical Safeguards of the proposed Research.

2. To ensure the Rights, Safety and well-being of the trial Subjects / Respondents / Participants.

3. To regulate the matter pertaining to Ethical Research Practices.

4. To support activities for Plagiarism prevention.

5. To promote Quality Research in search of Knowledge and Truth



Dr.J.Jaya - Principal


Research Coordinator

Dr. I. Jasmine Selvakumari Jaya, Professor & Head/ IT.



1. Dr. N. P. Ananthamoorthy, Dean-SA, Professor & Head /EEE

2. Dr. S. Saravana Sundaram, Professor & Head  – Bio Medical Engg.

3. Dr. S. Shankar, Professor & Head – CSE.

4. Dr. B. Anand, Professor & Head – EIE.

5. Dr. M. Seenuvasan, Professor & Head – Chemical Engg.