Plagiarism Tool

                                     URKUND AND DRILLBIT (PLAGIARISM CHECK TOOL)


The College has installed Urkund and Drillbit plagiarism software in the library to enable the teachers to check plagiarism for the articles, publications, proposals for obtaining research grant and for ME / Ph.D thesis work. Urkund is a digital, fully-automated machine learning text-recognition system to detect, handle, and prevent plagiarism. This is a easy-to-use tool for the benefit of educators and is being successfully used at universities and colleges all around the world. The process begins upon submission of a document. It is followed by a detailed analysis to check the relevant sources for similarity. When the text has similarities to other sources, a machine learning-powered comprehensive report generation begins to take shape. The comprehensive report shows analysis of results in a simple and structured format. Drillbit is used to reduce the duplication and plagiarism in research and dissertation papers. It checks for the duplicity of the content with online sources and generates results quickly and efficiently. It supports zip file for quicker checking, along with that it also supports different formats like PDF, doc, docx, txt, HTML, PPT, etc. It provides source links for the plagiarized content simultaneously for comprehensive checking.


For further details Contact Dr.S.Srikala - Librarian.