Scholarships give recipients the chance to further their studies. Scholarships aid students with the cost of their college education. Students that receive scholarships benefit from additional time to devote to their academics. Scholarships are given to students as rewards for their academic success and educational endeavours. By reducing the financial obstacle, it aids in empowering their academic and professional ambitions. Receiving a scholarship eliminates all of the student's financial worries. They have more time to study, learn, and earn higher grades as a result.


Policy on award of Scholarship

Government Scholarships

The Tamil Nadu Government has developed a brand-new programme called the Tamil Nadu Scholarship. The TN Scholarship was established with the primary goal of giving students financial aid so they could pursue their academic dreams without worrying about costs. These awards will help the kids financially while also raising their standard of living and educational opportunities. All interested candidates must go to the appropriate department of the scholarships in order to take advantage of the numerous programmes offered under the  Tamil Nadu scholarship.


The Government provides funding for the central government scholarships. Students of Indian citizens can apply for these scholarships. Some of the Government agencies are also offer scholarships. Similar to the Central Government, the Governments of many states provide scholarships to students who are citizens of those states


1.Central Government Scholarships Scheme

2.State Government Scholarships Scheme

Government Scholarship Forms


 SC/ST Scholarship Fresh Application Form
SC/ST Scholarship Renewal  Application Form
BC/MBC Scholarship Fresh Application Form
BC/MBC Scholarship Renewal Application Form
Adidravidar Scholarship Fresh Application Form
Adidravidar Scholarship Renewal Application Form


Year-wise Beneficiary 

Institutional Scholarships

The administration of Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology provides students with free tuition in addition to scholarships in a range of categories, including merit scholarships, employee scholarships, talent test scholarships, and sports scholarships.


Students that perform well on their board exam in the 12th grade are given merit scholarships. Children of Hindusthan Educational and Charitable Trust (HCET) staff are also eligible for scholarships, as are students who have already attended a Hindusthan Group institutions.


At Hindusthan, we think that a little encouragement may go a long way in motivating children to show off their talent, gain praise, and get their minds ready for larger goals in the future. A unique programme called the talent test scholarship is intended to motivate students to compete for scholarships and fee waivers based on their performance on the yearly talent test administered by the Hindusthan Group of Institutions.


The institution also offers a fantastic financial aid programme in the form of sports scholarships to help aspiring athletes who have competed for their school at the collegiate, state, national, and international levels of competition. The scholarship is extended to the succeeding academic years as long as the students maintain a minimum attendance rate of 60%, have no outstanding debts, and are properly verified by the Hindusthan Group of Institutions' Physical Education Director.


Institutional Scholarships Schemes

Institutional Scholarship Form

Year-wise Beneficiary 


NGO Scholarships

In order to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Hindusthan College of Engineering, eligible students from low social economic backgrounds can also apply for sponsorships from a variety of non-profit and private welfare organisations, such as Shanthi Social Services (SSS), Agaram Foundation, Gandhiji Memorial Foundation, Moovar Nattukottai Settiyar Scholarship, Nalavariam scheme, Sitaram Jindal Foundation, etc

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