Women Empowerment Cell



1. To create a conducive counseling environment for female gender to share their problems.

2. To promote a culture of respect and equality for female gender.

3. To conduct seminar and workshops to attain physical and mental freedom to withstand the changing phases throughout their life.

4. To inculcate entrepreneurial attitude among young girls, at the earliest so that they can be “job givers” rather than “job takers”.

5. To imbibe the idea that child marriage, dowry killings, discrimination, female feticide, etc., and other harmful acts can be stopped by women empowerment.

6. To enable the College community to understand the role of everyone in empowering women students.






Dr. P. Jeyalakshmi, Professor/Mech


Members (Faculty)

1. Dr. M. Bhuvaneshwari, Professor/ MBA

2. Dr. K. Kalaiselvi, Associate Professor/ ECE

3. Ms. B. Nandhini, Assistant Professor/ EEE

4. Ms. R. Gayathri, Assistant Professor/CSE

5. Ms. K. Saraswathi, Assistant Professor/ CIVIL

6. Ms. Princess Maria John, Assistant Professor/MCA

7. Dr. R. Poornima, Associate Professor/ S&H

8. Ms. Athira, Assistant Professor / IT

9. Ms. N. Kavitha, Assistant Professor/ EIE

10. Ms. R. Rajalakshmi, Assistant Professor/ S&H

11. Ms. SumithaSree, Assistant Professor/ S&H

12. Dr. T. Vandarkuzhali, Associate Professor/ MECHATRONICS

13. Ms. Nageshwari, Assistant Professor/ Food. Tech

14. Ms. D.R. Nivetha, Assistant Professor/ Bio Medical Engg.

15. Ms. Induja, Assistant Professor/ Chemical Engg.

16. Ms. K. Ramya, Assistant Professor/ Agri. Engg.

17. Ms. Thillaikani, Lab Technician/ IT

18. Ms. Lakshmi, Supporting staff


Members (Student)

1. Ms. A.P. Adhulya, II yr MBA

2. Ms. S.B. Sneha, II Yr MBA

3. Ms. G. J. Anchana, II Yr MBA

4. Ms. A. Swetha, II Yr MBA

5. Ms. Sanjana Mahalakshmi, III Yr AI & ML

6. Ms. A. Roomana, II Yr ECE

7. Ms. S. Sahithya, II Yr ECE

8. Ms. V. M. Mitrashri, III Yr CSE

9. Ms. W. Lydia Florance, III Yr CSE


Term: Two Years