DGCA Remote Pilot Training organization (RPTO)

DGCA Remote Pilot Training organization (RPTO)


A DGCA Remote Pilot Training Organization (RPTO) is an organization that provides training for individuals seeking to become certified remote pilots in India. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the national aviation authority in India responsible for regulating and overseeing aviation activities in the country. DGCA RPTOs are approved by the DGCA to provide training and certification for remote pilots. The courses offered by these organizations are designed to meet the standards set by the DGCA for remote pilot training and certification. The goal of the DGCA RPTOs is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become certified remote pilots, and to ensure that they meet the DGCA's standards and requirements for remote piloting in India.


Remote Pilot Training Organization is established with Indira Gandhi Rashriya Uran Akademi and approved by DGCA with the aim of developing Drone pilots. Students can able to get Hands on Experience based on the pilot training.


During the month of May 2022, a national level drone championship event was organized in HiCET named SWAD drone championship in association with Planet-X Aerospace industry. Totally 18 teams were participated from all over south India.






Department Associated with the Centre:  Aeronautical Engineering

Coordinator of the Centre: Dr VT Gopinathan

Contact: aerohod@hicet.ac.in