Centre of Excellence in Robotics

Centre of Excellence in Robotics


A Centre of Excellence in Robotics is a research organization or institution that focuses on advancing the field of robotics through cutting-edge research, development, and innovation. These centres bring together experts from various disciplines, such as engineering, computer science, and mathematics, to collaborate and develop new technologies, applications, and solutions in robotics. The goal of a Centre of Excellence in Robotics is to advance the field and drive technological advancements that can benefit society and various industries.



Centre of Excellence in Robotics is a training and development centre functioning under the Department of Mechatronics Engineering from 2014 with a focus on strengthening technology training and improving the robotics skills of the students and teachers.



The centre has developed THREE in-house robots with voice recognition, pick and place the objects, painting applications, etc. It has benefitted about 200+ students. The trained students participated in Flipkart GRiD 2.0 Robotics Challenge.







Department Associated with the Centre:  Mechatronics Engineering

Coordinator of the Centre: Dr PT Saravanakumar

Contact: mcthod@hicet.ac.in