Royal Enfield Competency Development Centre

Royal Enfield Competency Development Centre


      “Royal Enfield Competence Development Centre” first of its kind in Tamil Nadu was established Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology.  The facility is erected in order to provide a sphere of knowledge in two-wheeler technology especially in Royal Enfield for the students.  The COE was signed between the Hindusthan Group of Institutions and Royal Enfield (A unit of Eicher Motors Ltd.,) owing to the scrupulous efforts of Tmt.Sarasuwathi Khanniyannan, Secretary and Dr Priya Satish, Executive Secretary Hindusthan Group of institutions.


           The objective of Hindusthan - Royal Enfield Competency Development Centre is to enrich the knowledge of repair, maintenance and diagnostic techniques and terminology of two-wheeler vehicles in specific with Royal Enfield among the students apirants. The students amidst their academics where formed as groups and allowed to undergo different phases of trainings under the experts from Royal Enfield. The faculty members are also given time to be part of the training and improve their understanding of all the existing and advanced techniques in the Royal Enfield.


       The Hindusthan - Royal Enfield Competency Development Centre established with excellent infrastructure of more than 20,000 Sq.ft. The work floor consists of various equipment that gives a hands-on approachable experience on basic features and components of the Royal Enfield Motorbikes. The work floor is divided into engine section, transmission section, Chassis section and electrical components section. Each of the section is provided with a working model for better understanding of the components and a cut section model to give a overlook for better observation. Wall charts and posters are provided to give quick insights of the History of Royal Enfield and different models of bike released so far. Every on-going model of Royal Enfield bike are kept inside the facility to make sure the students are trained on bike dimensions and diagnostics. Demographic boards on sensors and electrical components are displayed as a working model to give a knowledge on working of those components.


          Air Conditioned class rooms with audio-visual equipment are provided to give a better teaching and learning experience on the latest advancements to the students. Well trained trainers who work with full dedication are deputed to help the students throughout the training. Workshops and Crash course modules are designed to educate the students through the visits of highly professional Industrial personnel visits.


          A well-equipped library with books and posters on Automotive Technology, published books of Royal Enfield, latest Auto magazine and journal issues given as a source for the students and faculties to acquire more advanced knowledge.


           The training centre of this caliber can encourage the students to learn automobile with passion and will make them aware of latest technologies available in the Automotive Industry. The faculties also replenish their industrial knowledge and get updates new technologies with in-built training courses specially designed to them.


          The Hindusthan - Royal Enfield Competency Development Centre helps the students to get familiarized with latest automobile technology through scientific demonstration of methods to repair, maintain and overhaul two-wheeler vehicles. The training impart to the students to sphere of knowledge to the students and make them industry ready and highly employable.


       As an nutshell Royal Enfield Competency Development Centre is first of its kind in Tamilnadu, established in 20,000 sq.ft. It has facilities to learn the latest technology in two-wheelers, viz., BS-VI enabled single and twin cylinder engines, cut-section models, real-time prototypes, and a virtual learning studio. A total of 32 faculties and 294 students are trained from this centre.


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Coordinator of the Centre: Dr C Sabarinathan