Rotaract Club



  • To establish enduring interpersonal relationships among our faculty members and students of all the departments.
  • To associate all dedicated personnel of our institution who are willing to actively participate in civic, social, and cultural activities for the welfare of both society and the environment.
  • To provide opportunities for our students to enhance their skills in group dynamics, leadership, cooperation, and coordinating activities.






President: Mr. G.Thilak, Assistant Professor/ MCT - 9789021767
Vice President: Dr. Pradeep Johnson, Associate Professor/ MCT - 9952385622


Members (Faculty) 

1. Dr.T. Manjula                 -AP/ECE

2. Mr.K.Alagar Raja            -AP/S&H

3. Mr.R.Senthil Kumar        -AP//Civil

4. Mr.L.Ramsethu                -AP/ECE

5. Mr.P.Karthik                    -AP/MCT



Members (Student)

1. S.Kamalesh (IV BE CSE)

2. K.Nivetha (IV BE Civil)

3. S,Dhanish (IV BE Civil)

4. Hariniya (III BE ECE)

5. Sree Varshaa (IV BE CSE)

6. Sudhin Bharathi (III BE Food Tech)

7. Karan (IV BE CSE)

8. Kabilan (IV BE Civil)

9. Srivarshini (IV BE Agri)

10. Bhuvaneshwaran (III BE Chemical)


Term: Two Years