MoE’s Institution Innovation Council (IIC)

MoE’s Institution Innovation Council (IIC)


The Ministry of Education's (MoE) Institution Innovation Council (IIC) is a program designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within educational institutions in India. The goal of the MoE's IIC is to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students, faculty, and staff, and to support the development of new and emerging businesses. The IIC provides a range of services and resources to support innovation and entrepreneurship, including business incubation, mentorship, access to funding, and training programs. The IIC is a critical component of the government's efforts to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth, and to help new and emerging businesses succeed. The IIC is managed by the Ministry of Education and is focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship within educational institutions in India.


IIC was established in the year 2018. Activities related to innovation, entrepreneurship, start-up, etc. have been frequently carried out in the institution.


In the academic year 2020-21, HiCET has secured 4 Star rating from IIC. In the academic year 2021-22, we improved our incubation facilities from the formation of AICTE-IDEA lab and conducted 83 activities.


IIC Certificates


Coordinator of MoE's IIC: Dr K Siva