FOSTAC – Centre for Food Safety Training and Certification

FOSTAC – Centre for Food Safety Training and Certification

In pursuance of Section 16 (3)(h) of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has to provide training programmes in Food Safety and Standards for persons (whether within or outside their area) who are or intend to become involved in food businesses, whether as food business operators or employees or otherwise.


In this regard, FSSAI had initiated the largest Food Safety Training & Certification (FoSTaC) programme in July, 2017. The FoSTaC programme is aimed at creating a pool of food safety supervisors (FSS), who are trained in good hygiene and manufacturing practices as per requirements in Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards Licensing and Registration Regulations, 2011.



1. To enhance the availability of skilled/ trained manpower in the food industry.

2. Creating an improved environment of self-compliance to FSS Act, Rules and Regulations by the responsible Food Businesses.

3. Bringing a behavioural change and inculcating a culture of Food safety in the country.



FosTac-Students-Certificates - 2022

FosTac-Students-Certificates - 2023


HiCET become the member in FSSAI in 2022 to offer its Certification Courses to the Faculty Members, Students and Public.


Department Associated with the Centre: Food Technology

Coordinator of the Centre: Dr G Jeevarathinam