Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of HiCET is associated with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)-Tamilnadu and STEP – The Empathy Project with an aim to promote entrepreneurship and business development among students. The objective of EDC is to nurture entrepreneurial mind set among students and to motivate students to start their own business venture. The goal of the EDC is to support the growth and success of businesses among the students in the institution, and to promote entrepreneurship as a means of driving economic development and job creation. This cell provides an input regarding initiating, planning and successful launching of economically viable units through constant guidance, mentoring and by conducting various programs.


The EDC provides resources, training, and support to individuals who are interested in starting business and start-ups. The EDC offers a range of services, including business incubation, mentorship, training, and access to funding and networking opportunities.


More than 130+ students have become entrepreneurs successfully. EDC regularly organizes various Entrepreneurship development Programmes and particularly during the academic year 2021-22, more than 50 programmes on entrepreneurship were organized effectively. Our HICET EDC was recognised as best spoke institution for the IEDP Promotional activities during academic year 2021-22.


Coordinator of the Centre: Dr V Kanimozhi

Contact: kanimozhi.mba@hicet.ac.in



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