Curriculum Development Cell

Curriculum Development Cell



Curriculum Development Cell is body for the execution of autonomy in our institution especially in activities such as curriculum designing that involves the formulation of general course scheme and scheme of examinations for all Programmes.


Process of Curriculum Design & Activities


1. A Curriculum Development Cell has been formed in the College to take initiatives in restructuring the curriculum periodically, based on the UGC and AICTE guidelines, and accomplishing the objectives of the institution in equipping the students with multi disciplinary and multi tasking skills, the Curriculum Development Cell formulates the course structure and guidelines for curriculum restructurisation, periodically.

2. Promote faculty recharge programmes and skill development for faculty.

3. Introduce inter/multidisciplinary studies

4. Develop the curriculum, syllabi and look for new sources required for the various courses run by the University. It needs to maintain and promote an ambiance of creativity, innovation and improving quality.

5. To Implement the Choice Based Credit System in the Institution.

6. To identify the needs of stakeholders

7. To Prepare the list of criterions that suits for the outcome based education

8. To Creating curriculum matrix

9. To create semester wise courses and credits template

10. To fix the credits range for the programs

11. To identify the pedagogy/Instruction methods

12. To Identify and establish evaluation methods

13. To Creating awareness among the stakeholders






Dr P N Magudeswaran Dean (Academics)



Heads of all the Departments

Controller of the Examinations

Director-Corporate Relations

IQAC Members

NBA Committee Members

Member Secretary Academic Council


Term: Two Years