Collaborative Robot Training Centre

Collaborative Robot Training Centre


A Cobot Advanced Manufacturing Centre is likely a manufacturing facility that utilizes cobots (collaborative robots) in its production processes. Cobots are robots that are designed to work safely alongside human workers, helping to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety in manufacturing environments. The purpose of a Cobot Advanced Manufacturing Centre may be to demonstrate the potential of cobots in manufacturing and to provide training and support to organizations looking to adopt cobot technology. It may also be a research facility, focused on developing and testing new applications for cobots in manufacturing.



To train the students and faculty members in the area of advanced manufacturing using Cobot, the centre was established in 2021 under Mechanical Engineering. The centre has DOOSAN make ROBOTIC ARM A0509 Cobot.


It has trained 47 faculty members and 110 students for 30 hrs in the area of installation, set-up, programming, operation and maintenance. Many of the trained students have got job in manufacturing sector.




Coordinator of the Centre: Dr K Siva