Centre of Excellence in Drone Technology

Centre of Excellence in Drone Technology

The Center of Excellence in Drone Technology refers to a facility, organization, or program dedicated to promoting and advancing the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVs), also known as drones. It typically focuses on research, development, training, and education in drone technology, including areas such as design, manufacturing, sensor technology, data processing, and regulations. The institution has established the centre in 2021. Later, the centre is associated with an industry partner, Planet-X Aerospace Services Pvt Ltd.




The goal of a Center of Excellence in Drone Technology is to drive innovation and growth in the drone industry, and to advance the safe and efficient use of drones for a variety of applications. Students get an opportunity to design, develop, get certified training and become a successful entrepreneur in the field of Drone Technology.




--To make student Industry ready on the growing technology Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems.


--To create a virtuous infrastructure with a comfortable environment for students to develop their skills in designing and fabricating different types of UAVs.


--To encourage student’s participation in National and International level technical events conducted by reputed institutions and industries around the globe.


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Department associated with the Centre:  Aeronautical Engineering

Coordinator of the Centre: Dr VT Gopinathan

Contact: aerohod@hicet.ac.in