AICTE-IDEA Lab (Hinnovation Centre)

AICTE-IDEA Lab (Hinnovation Centre)

AICTE IDEA (Idea Development, Evaluation & Application) is a program initiated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among students in India. The program aims to encourage students to develop and launch new businesses, by providing them with training, mentorship, funding, and other resources. AICTE IDEA provides a platform for students to learn about entrepreneurship, develop their business ideas, and connect with potential investors and customers. The program also offers workshops, training sessions, and other resources to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as entrepreneurs. The goal of AICTE IDEA is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among students in India, and to support the development of new businesses that can contribute to the country's economic growth and development.


AICTE-IDEA Lab encourages students for the application of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fundamentals towards enhanced hands – on experience, learning by doing and even product visualization.  As a common facility embedded in the institution, the IDEA Lab will make the engineering graduates more imaginative and creative, besides that, students can able to become familiar about the 21st century skills like critical thinking, problem solving, design thinking, collaboration, communication, lifelong learning etc. It has facilities to ideate and prototype the ideas for student projects, events like Toycathon, Supra, Baja, Go-Kart, Efficycle etc. 


A total of 46 events were conducted. IDEA Lab facilitated 221 patents, 14 projects and 3 start-ups.


AICTE-IDEA Lab - Facilities & Acitivities 


Chief Mentor of AICTE-IDEA Lab: Dr J Jaya, Principal

Cooordinator: Dr C Sabarinathan, Prof & Head, Automobile Engineering

Cooordinator: Dr S Shankar, Prof & Head, CSE