Unnat Bharat Abhiyan


1. To build an understanding of the development agenda within institutes of Higher Education and an institutional capacity and training relevant to national needs, especially those of rural India.

2. To re-emphasize the need for field work, stake-holder interactions and design for societal objectives as the basis of higher education.

3. To stress on rigorous reporting and useful outputs as central to developing new professions.

4. To provide rural India and regional agencies with access to the professional resources of the institutes of higher education, especially those that have acquired academic excellence in the field of science, engineering and technology, and management.

5. To improve development outcomes as a consequence of this research. To develop new professions and new processes to sustain and absorb the outcomes of research.

6. To foster a new dialogue within the larger community on science, society and the environment and to develop a sense of dignity and collective destiny.








1. Mr. Rajagopal T K P AP/CSE

2. Mr. Magesh D AP/CSE


Members (Faculty)

1. Mr. PrasannaVenkatesan Asst. Prof./Mech

2. Mr. Jainulabdeen Asst. Prof./S & H

3. Dr. Prakash J Asst.Prof./CSE

4. Mr. Arul Selvam P Asst.Prof./CSE


Members (Student)

1. Sai Raam V (20104150) IV CSE C

2. Santhosh K (20104155) IV CSE C

3. Thangaprakash R (720721104176) III CSE C

4. Sindhya M (720721104169) III CSE C

5. Aarthi V (720721115001) III AI&ML

6. Arvind R (720721115801) III AI&ML


Term: Two Years