Civil Works & General Maintenance Committee




The objective of the Civil Works and General Maintenance Committee of HiCET is to ensure that the periodical civil works are done properly. Ensuring the general maintenance works are carried out regularly and properly. The basic needs of the students should be met with utmost care.



1.To analyze any new construction works to be done on the college premises.
2.To monitor the periodical repairs and maintenance works to be done.
3.To ensure the basic needs of the students and faculties have been fulfilled.
4.To forecast the infrastructure and maintenance needs of the college.





Member Secretary / Coordinator

1. Mr. Sakthivel R (Assistant Professor/Civil Engineering)

2. Dr.Niyaz J (Maintenance Manager)


Members (Faculty)

1. Mr.Anandakumar T

2. Mrs. Seethalakshmi K

3. Mrs. Menaka J

4. Mr.Karthi S


Term: Two Years