Dr K Karunakaran

"Let's make a beautiful world by nurturing young minds".
Education is about much more than employability. It includes evolving with a different view, developing various perspectives and opening the mind to enormous possibilities, and ultimately emerging as a world-class human resource.

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The Hindusthan Educational Institutions in Coimbatore offers an intellectually challenging and rewarding atmosphere. It gives the student the abilities, self- confidence and the desire to go on learning for the rest of their life and to cope with new emerging and challenging situations. We at Hindusthan are firmly committed to excel in education and research, and are fully aware of the future challenges. Apart from strengthening our teaching-learning process, research and extension programmes, special focus is given to extra-curricular, life skills, sports and other similar activities to foster global competency among our students. Hindusthan aims to facilitate and promote studies, research, innovation, and extension work in Engineering, Technology, Arts, Science, Commerce, Management, Computing, Architecture, Polytechnic, Education, Nursing, Allied Health and School Education for achieving excellence at its best. We provide a congenial environment for the holistic growth and all-round development of the student through a suitably designed curriculum and teaching-learning processes.


Our society is evolving rapidly in many ways which will have a profound impact on the roles of educational institutions. In this changing world, knowledge will remain an essential resource throughout the globe. The dynamics of the ever-changing world urges us academicians to give the right incentive for making life-long learners with creativity, persuasion, collaboration, problem-solving, adaptability and emotional intelligence out of students. The horizons of learned activities are expanding, and hence today there is a greater scope for students to present their talents and achievements. Since education in our country has become quite dynamic and competitive, we have to be ready, equipped with all necessary skills and capabilities to acquire the latest knowledge through newer technology, thereby aligning towards Education 4.0.



I welcome all the students who chose to be a part of Hindusthan Educational Institutions, Coimbatore.



I am sure that you will feel proud of being affiliated with us and make us equally proud of your academic excellence and accomplishments.



Assuring for future focused Education at Hindusthan Institutions.